Zildjian L80 Low Volume Cymbals

For the noise conscious drummer, the  Zildjian L80 Low Volume Cymbals.

One thing that is not synonymous with drummers is the concept of quiet. Telling a drummer to play quietly is like trying to get a.. well a drummer to play quietly! Luckily the Zildjian L80 Low Volume Cymbals are here to save the day.

Just like the real thing.

As a drummer, you may just want to practice at home without disturbing the neighbours or perhaps you’re playing a small show that requires a little less volume than normal. The problem being most drummers express dissatisfaction when using pads or other dampening devices. It’s like telling an electric guitarist to try playing without an amp. The Low Volume Cymbals have the same feel as normal cymbals but are up to 80% quieter. So with the “L” series cymbals, you don’t sacrifice the sound or feeling of playing real cymbals for volume.


The construction.

Apart from the obvious difference of all the perforations on the surface of the cymbal, there’s a bit more that goes into it. The Zildjian Sound Lab tirelessly researched and developed a specialised pattern made from a proprietary alloy, coated in a unique matte finish. This research and development meant they were able to achieve the best of both worlds: musical sound and lower volume.
Hitting these cymbals hard won’t quite have the same effect as hitting your normal cymbals. You will definitely hear the similarities and that Zildjian sound that you’ve come to love, but just at a much lower volume.  They accommodate for your playing style and not the other way around. The Low Volume Cymbals ultimately let you practice as you play.

The Proof is in the sound.

Using a sound meter, Zildjian compared their traditional Zildjian cymbals with the new Low Volume cymbals. Basically, it shows you how your drums go from being the volume of a chainsaw to being as loud as being in your car.



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