Cort GP54P 4-String Bass Guitar with P-Bass Pickups – Two-Tone Sunburst

A new addition to the popular GB Series which was introduced last year, the GB54P is an homage to the classic P-style bass that provides superb value for beginners to teachers and working musicians alike. Available in 2-Tone Sunburst and Sea Foam Pearl Green.

Cort GP54P 4-String Bass Guitar with P-Bass Pickups – Two-Tone Sunburst

Alder body.
The alder hull provides a perfectly balanced sound and gives a slight gain in the high middle range. One of the best types of wood for making bass guitars, alder has been used by many manufacturers since the 50s of the last century.

The neck radius is 240mm.
The vintage neck radius is 240mm, a classic feature that makes this bass guitar ideal for both playing chords and individual notes.

Pickups VTB-P.
Vintage style VTB-P pickups produce a classic bass sound that triggers a musical revolution. The sound is warm and punchy, but it also has a growl that will suit almost any musical style.

Vintage bridge.
A time-tested bridge does what it has to do, without any frills or problems, producing a classic sound that is known for its P-style bass.

1 volume control, 1 tone, 3-position switch.
Sometimes simplicity is exactly what a musician needs. 1 volume control, 1 tone and 3-way switch allow the guitarist to fully concentrate on the game.

Brazilian cherry jatoba fingerboard trim.
Dense and tough jatoba wood is ideal for use as a fingerboard lining. It produces a strong main sound with an emphasis on medium-high frequencies.

The width of the neck at the upper nut 41mm.
41mm width emptying for easy fingering and smooth neck contraction.

Ergonomic neck fastening.
Designed to facilitate access to the upper frets, the new ergonomic neck fastening improves comfort by reducing the strain on your wrist and fingers.

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