DOD Compressor 280 Effects Pedal

Compressor Pedal for Guitar and Bass with Compressor and Output Controls

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The DOD Compressor 280 Is Back — Again!

Show your guitar or bass signal who’s boss with the DOD Compressor 280 pedal. This compact pedal keeps unwanted volume peaks from ruining your set. It’s perfect for your spanky-clean country licks and your gain-saturated metal solos. The Comp knob gives you everything from subtle volume leveling to full-on squash. You’ll also appreciate the true-bypass circuitry that keeps your tone pure when the effect is off. DOD also loaded the Compressor 280 with a blue indicator light, a lightweight aluminum chassis, and a modern 9-volt power supply input. Keep your volume and dynamics in check with the DOD Compressor 280 pedal.

Smooth and versatile electro-optical compression

At its core, the Compressor 280 features the same electro-optical circuit as the original version. This circuit has garnered a cult following due to its natural sound and versatility. Set the compression knob low, and the pedal rewards you with a delicate touch, smoothing out the volume differences between your string. And if you really crank the compression, it’ll squash your tone into oblivion, offering near-infinite sustain.

The re-return of the workhorse

The Compressor 280 is an old-school pedal first introduced in the late ’70s. It gained popularity with working guitar players for its excellent sound, life-proof durability, and affordable price tag. In 2014, years after it had been discontinued, DigiTech rereleased the DOD Compressor 280. The 2014 reissue featured the exact same circuit as the original. It also introduced player-friendly features such as an On/Off LED, a modern 9-volt DC power jack, true-bypass switching, and a lightweight aluminum chassis. Now, the 2014 version re-returns to pedalboards in the year 2023 and beyond.


  • An updated reissue of the classic DOD compressor
  • Comp knob dials in the amount of compression you want, from subtle to squash
  • Level knob controls your overall volume
  • True-bypass circuitry keeps your tone pure when the effect is off
  • Pedalboard-friendly modern 9V DC power supply input
  • Other enhancements include a crisp blue status LED and a lightweight aluminum chassis




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