Next Level Cymbal Making With The K Custom Special Dry Collection

The New K Custom Special Dry Collection was introduced to the drumming world at the recent NAMM 2017. This new range is an extension of the already well known and loved K Custom cymbals.

Funky And Dry

Each one of the cymbals delivers a uniquely dry and funky sound when struck. That powerful expression you as a drummer are looking for, comes easily with a fast attack and lots of trash.

K Custom Special Dry Cymbals Matured To Perfection

The K Custom Special Dry Collection cymbals come with their signature dark and dirty look. They look as if time itself had touched them, ageing them to absolute maturity. The innovative three step hammering process they go through gives them a distinctive shape and extra thin weight. Each one of the K Custom Special Dry Cymbals was made with the Zildjian’s legendary 80/20 bronze secret alloy.



“The dry and dirty sound is something we have been looking to expand upon since the original introduction of the Special Dry models over a decade ago. However, we wanted to ensure the remastered collection featured the right sizes, styles and sounds to truly stand out across the industry.” Says Paul Francis, Zildjian’s Director of R&D.

A Remastered Classic

Zildjian has yet again left all competitors in the dust with the launch of this new range. The K Custom Special Dry Collection takes the classic K Custom family of cymbals and has remastered them for today’s modern musical styles.

There is 16 different Sizes & Styles available.

  • 10″ KCustom Special Dry Splash
  • 13″ KCustom Special Dry HiHat Pair
  • 14″ KCustom Special Dry HiHat Pair
  • 14′ KCustom Special Dry FX HiHat Top
  • 15″ KCustom Special Dry HiHat Pair
  • 16″ KCustom Special Dry Crash
  • 17″ KCustom Special Dry Trash Crash
  • 18″ KCustom Special Dry Crash
  • 18″ KCustom Special Dry Trash China
  • 19″ KCustom Special Dry Crash
  • 20″ KCustom Special Dry Crash
  • 21″ KCustom Special Dry Ride
  • 21″ KCustom Special Dry Trash Crash
  • 22″ KCustom Special Dry Crash
  • 23″ KCustom Special Dry Ride

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