Zildjian Cymbal Packs One For Everyone


Zildjian Cymbal packs One For Everyone

Not sure what cymbals are for you? This year at NAMM 2017, Zildjian announced four new genre based cymbal packs. These packs are groupings of cymbals that have the ideal sound characteristics for specific genres of music.

These four cymbal packs are each focused on a specific genre; Rock, Country, Worship or Gospel. Each pack is inspired by the Zildjian artists who play these different styles.

Rock PackA0801R_Rock_Set_BoxwithCymbalsREV

Firstly, the Zildjian Rock Pack comprises of a selection of cymbals that will cut through any rock mix on stage or in the studio. Giving  you  bright, crisp and full bodied cymbals to rock out with, this pack is made up of cymbals from the A Zildjian Series.

The pack includes:
14″ A Mastersound HiHats
17″ A Medium Thin Crash
19″ A Medium Thin Crash
20″ Ping Ride



Country Pack

Secondly, a pack for all y’all country lovers out there! Featuring cymbals from the legendary K Series, which deliver the perfect tone, sustain and volume
for Country music. The larger sizes were selected to deliver the volume and each one was selected for their dry, dark and expressive sound.

This pack includes:
15″ K Light HiHats
17″ K Dark Thin Crash
19″ K Dark Thin Crash
20″ K Crash Ride


Worship Pack KC0801W_Worship_Set_BoxwithCymbals

Thirdly, a Zildjian pack focused on Worship Music. Packed with the powerful and vibrant K Custom Cymbals, which still have a dark and gentle side to them. Capture the spirit of Worship Music with the warm tones that work in harmony with your Worship team.

The pack includes:
14″ K Custom Dark HiHats
16″ K Custom Fast Crash
18″ K Custom Fast Crash
20″ K Custom Medium Ride



AC0801G_Gospel_Set_BoxwithCymbalsGospel Pack

Lastly, for those of you who need bright and expressive cymbals that will cut through the rhythmic bouquets and strong vocals of Gospel music. The Gospel Music Zildjian cymbal pack features a handpicked selection of Zildjian A Custom Cymbals.

This pack includes:
14″ A Custom Mastersound HiHats
17″ A Custom Fast Crash
18″ A Custom EFX
21″ A Custom Anniversary Ride


Visit Zildjian.com for more information on the different packs.

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