Win a Pair of Zildjian S Family HiHats!

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4 Responses

  1. Johan says:

    Thanx for the oppertunity. Will help a long way!

  2. Donovan De Aguiar says:

    These cymbals would be my dream.. i am an 18 year old drummer based in edenvale, i am in a band called Post Licentia, we play alternative metal and have a bunch of originals and i think these S series hi-hats would make my kit sound absolutely amazing, it would allow my hi-hat sound to cut through the heavy riffs. And i play everyday e hours a day and hope to make my life in the music industry. I will br big soon👐

  3. Tshepiso Dlamini says:

    Hi. I’m an upcoming drummer who’s loves playing with Zildjian cymbals, especially the K custom series. I’ve been struggling with getting an endorsement due to not meeting the criteria. Hopefully this message will reach the right people who’ll be able to help a fellow drummer.

  4. Louis says:

    Our drummer uses zildjian if I can win this i will Give it to him…
    We are from the West coast south Africa band is caller DansFrikkieDans

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