DOD Mini Volume Pedal

Rugged, Compact Volume Pedal for guitar or Bass

DOD Mini Volume Pedal

Not sure if you have room for a volume pedal on your pedalboard? You do with the DOD Mini Volume Pedal. And even though it’s ultra-compact, its rugged steel construction and gear drive mean it’s ready to handle serious gig abuse. An integrated treble bleed circuit maintains your signal clarity when rolling back the volume, preventing muddy tone at lower volumes. Its 500k potentiometer makes it suitable for any volume pedal application, whether it’s guitar, bass or other electrified instruments. At just five inches long and three inches wide, there’s always room for the DOD Mini Volume Pedal.


  • Compact volume pedal for guitar and bass
  • Treble bleed circuit maintains signal clarity as you roll the volume back
  • Rugged steel construction and gear drive for maximum reliability
  • Non-slip rubber base
  • Has the same feel and throw as a full-size volume pedal
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