DOD Boneshaker Distortion/Overdrive Pedal with 3-band Parametric EQ

Distortion Pedal for Electric Guitar with 3-band Parametric EQ

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Bone-rattlin’ Drive from DOD!

Toss the DOD Boneshaker distortion pedal on your pedalboard and instantly start serving up a vast array of fearsome distortion and overdrive tones. This stomp box’s intoxicating drive comes courtesy of a custom-designed analog circuit engineered by the mad scientists over at Black Arts Toneworks, offering tons of tonal possibilities with plenty of volume to make a lasting impression. No matter the guitar and amplifier commanding your rig, the Boneshaker’s 3-band parametric EQ makes it easy to fine-tune your tone as much or as little as you need to. Finding that ideal balance of power, depth, and bite is something guitarists know can ultimately vary between the stage and the studio. Still, the DOD Boneshaker’s built-in EQ makes it easy to dial in the right distortion tone fast. From searing blues solos to metal and hard-rock riffing, the DOD Boneshaker has plenty in the tank to accommodate!

Get more from your distortion!

We all love the saturated growl of distortion, but sometimes your tone needs a subtle tweak to fit in the mix, whether you’re recording or performing. Thankfully, the DOD Boneshaker’s 3-band EQ gives you the power to boost mids, carve out space for the bass player, and add some top-end bite, plus plenty of other tonal alterations as you need them. And the Depth knob? Think of it like a Resonance control that you can find on amplifiers. That means more control over your tone’s low frequency characteristics, which sounds incredibly awesome with 7-strings and low-tuned guitars!

Level and Distortion master controls also adorn the faceplate of this pedal. Level adjusts volume; Distortion lets you deliver the exact degree of overdriven intensity you’re searching for. Need just a bit of edge for that lead riff? No problem. What about a super aggressive, over-saturated metal chug? Pour it on! That’s the beauty of the DOD Boneshaker — it’s up for anything.


  • Versatile distortion/overdrive solution for your pedalboard
  • Fine-tune your tonal balance with the 3-band parametric EQ
  • Level knob determines overall volume of the pedal
  • Distortion knob allows you to pour on as much or as little overdriven intensity as you need
  • Depth control enhances resonance for extra punch and power
  • Excellent choice for blues-rock, hard rock, metal, and low tunings
  • True Bypass operation prioritizes tonal integrity
  • Powered via 9V or optional power supply (not included)




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