DOD BiFET Boost 410 Boost Pedal

Boost Pedal with Volume/Tone Controls and Switchable True Bypass/Buffered Operation

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Powerful Boost for Any Pedalboard

The DOD BiFET Boost 410 pedal delivers a powerful boost with a hint of grit, promising to kick your guitar amplifier into overdrive. Independent volume and tone controls let you dial in the perfect amount of boost and bite. Guitarists appreciate the switchable true bypassed/buffered operation, which makes the BiFET Boost 410 easy to integrate anywhere in your pedalboard and signal chain. Whether you use it for subtle tone shaping or to throttle your tube amplifier, the DOD BiFET Boost 410 is a powerful tool for any guitarist.

Upgraded boost flexibility

The BiFET Boost 410 brings the same punch and clarity to the table as DOD’s boost pedal classics while adding a wealth of new updates to adhere to the likes of modern guitarists. Its true bypass and buffered switching toggle top its predecessor by allowing total transparency or extra boost for longer cable setups, making it a valuable asset in any spot of your effects chain. The BiFET Boost 410 features 9V DC and battery operation for its electronics, further improving pedalboard integration. Lastly, an onboard status LED allows you to monitor the status of your boost without having to tweak a single setting.


  • An updated edition of DOD’s classic effects line
  • Clean boost pedal with definitive DOD warmth and incredible flexibility
  • True bypass/buffered operation makes it easy to integrate authentic boost to any spot on your pedalboard
  • Increased volume range offers extra room for sonic exploration
  • Volume and tone controls provide an easy shortcut to an expanse of boosted sounds
  • Great for overdrive amplification, signal boosts, and effect experimentation




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