Roland eVolve Artists

Adrian Langeveld
“I choose Roland for the ease of use, quality components, play-ability and the opportunity to expand and evolve my live show options.”
Drummer for Infanteria & Mark Haze
Ben Peters
“I need an entire studio’s worth of instruments on stage to make our show work, we are switching between sounds and instruments multiple times in each song. My Roland gear allows me to juggle all the musical requirements and still feel like I’m playing the real instrument.”
Producer for GoodLuck Music
Darren Petersen
It wasn’t difficult for me to become a fan of Roland. The gear changed my idea of what a musician is capable of onstage and in studio. Roland gives us so much more expressive power within the modern music world!
V-drums Specialist, Independent Touring Drummer & Digital Percussions for The Voice South Africa
Peach van Pletzen
“I love my Roland SPD-SX and TD-30K, both have enjoyed extensive touring and playing and they have proven themselves to be solid, reliable pieces of gear which have taken my sound to the next level. I use them daily in studio and on the road!”
Drummer and producer Bittereinder, Yesterday’s Pupil, Zubz + Lavabeast, Van Pletzen, Bouwer Bosch
Sabu Satsha
“I play Roland cause they are the best in electronics when it comes to drums. Roland V-drums and SPD’s just sound right and integrate the best with my acoustic kit.”
Independent session drummer
Sheldon Yoko
“Roland gives me so much control over my live sound. I’ve been using the SPD-SX and TM-2 for years now and I’m not stopping anytime soon.”
Sheldon Yoko Drummer for Francois Van Coke, Die Heuwels Fantasties & Thieve
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