Power Plus Portability with the NEXUS SLS-112



Power Plus Portability with the NEXUS-SLS-112

Every bassist knows the struggle to find the balance between power vs portability when it comes to your rig. You want to push out some serious low-end vibrations, but you don’t want to put your back out carrying your amp. You also want an amp that is reliable and will get the job done. Meet the NEXUS-SLS-112 combo – where power meets portability.

Shake The Foundations

This compact combo amp weighs in at just 19.5kg with two carry handles either side. This means it’s a breeze to carry to any gig or practice. Compact doesn’t mean it’s skimping on the power though. Packing a whopping 500 watts of power under the hood, this bad boy will shake the foundation. Getting those low-end frequencies or punchy tones out into the air is no problem for the 12″ speaker.



Find Your Sound

The NEXUS-SLS-112 features a Laney NEXUS valve preamp, powered by ECC83 valves. The 4 preset EQ settings will let you effortlessly dial in and switch bass tones for your playing style. The onboard dedicated bass reverb & chorus, octave & fifth effects will add new dimensions to your sound without your pedalboard. All these onboard effects are voiced and tailored to bass.

Pays to be Connected

Using the T-USB option you can connect straight to your computer. The NEXUS-SLS-112 morphs into a digital interface, perfect for your home studio. The standard jack input, DI, headphones input, mini jack, fx loop, tuner, footswitch, and output loudspeaker – it is easy to see that this amp is seriously connected.

One Dreamy Bass Amp

The NEXUS-SLS-112 is the combo amp of dreams, one that is equipped to handle any situation. Also, finally one that you won’t mind carrying down the stairs of a venue after a long night of jamming on stage.

Newton Wetter

Newton Wetter

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