Freeze Sound With The EXH Freeze Pedal

Freeze Sound With The EXH Freeze Pedal

Don’t you wish sometimes you could freeze time? Sadly, you might not be able to do that anytime soon. However, you can freeze any note or chord you play for as long as you like. The Electro-Harmonix Freeze pedal lets you manipulate time, create infinite sustain and capture a moment at the tap of a foot.

Melodic Textures Under Your Foot

This COOL looking pedal allows for the forming of smooth sounding drones and sustain for days. Create melodic textures by capturing a sound under your foot and continue to play over it. Simpy remove your foot and you’re back in the present.

Three Types Of Freeze

The selector switch gives you three choices of decay modes to use: Fast, Slow and Latch. First, the Fast mode freezes the sound when the pedal is stepped on and deactivates when the foot is removed –  stopping the frozen sound immediately. Secondly, the Slow mode works the same but lets the frozen sound thaw slower. Lastly, Latch mode keeps the effect on once activated, so you can remove your foot and it will continue. Each additional click will freeze what you just played. A Great feature for creating soundscapes.

Cold or Chilly

Depending on how COLD you like you sound to be, you can dial in as much of the effect as you like with the effect level control. The dry sound passes through the sound retainer pedal at a normal level. This dial just controls the amount of the frozen sound is added.

Sonic Creation

This nano-sized pedal takes up a minimal amount of real estate on your pedalboard. With its smooth tonal transitions between captures, it gives you endless options of sonic creation. Perfect for all of the sonic architects, shoegazers and lovers of spacey sounds.

Newton Wetter

Newton Wetter

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