More expression on your Pedal Board

The Expression overdrive & Ambient Delay pedals

As a musician, you’re probably always on the prowl to see how to express yourself better. The new Ernie Ball Expression Series Pedals give you just that, a better way to express yourself. The Expression Overdrive and Ambient Delay Pedal were just launched recently at the NAMM 2016 event.

These pedals are built like tanks and will take your sound to the next level.



The OverDrive Expression pedal

Many guitarists and bassists alike are on the pursuit for a natural tube-like overdrive with more range. Ernie Ball has answered that call with the new Expression Overdrive Pedal.

Make on-the-fly adjustments with this hybrid pedal. Gain dynamic foot control and a greater range of sonic expression than any other traditional stomp box out there. Switch between crisp clean tones or blazing lead tones – all without even taking your hands off your guitar.

Never before has an overdrive been this easy to work. By rocking your foot back and forth you can adjust the amount of overdrive in your tone, it’s really that simple!! Adjust the tone knob for the amount of high-end roll off and boost knob to get those solos coming through the mix.

The Ambient delay expression pedal.

It’s always nice ‘to play your riffs with a layer of digital delay layered with a plate of reverb. What’s better is being able to adjust the amount of digital delay and plate reverb that is mixed with the original signal. You guessed it, you can do it by rocking your foot back and forth.

The Ambient Delay pushes out 50 milliseconds to one second of delay time layered with reverb, whether you’re wanting slap-back delay to extended repeat, this hybrid does it all. You can create ambient soundscapes on the fly at the rock of a foot.

Both these units will make a great addition to any pedal board. Replace two of your pedals with one multi-functional hybrid Expression Series Pedal today. Perfect for the live environment when you need to be more focused on what’s going on with your guitar and hands.

James Valentine of Maroon 5 walks through the new Ernie Ball  Overdrive & Delay Pedals.


Newton Wetter

Newton Wetter

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