Black Panther Wraith Matt Halpern Snare Drum

The Black Panther Wraith Matt Halpern Snare Drum

When you hear the word wraith, it conjures up images of a ghostly presence or a spooky apparition, something that is there but not quite. The Matt Halpern inspired Black Panther Wraith  Snare was created with this concept in mind. Inspired largely by Halpern’s use of ghost notes, sensitivity, and dynamics in his playing style.

The ghost notes will whisper out while your strike cracks through the air, splitting the mix. The Wraith Snare is perfect for all styles of playing. One only needs to listen to Halpern’s arrangements and many different styles he employs in his drumming with the progressive metal band, Periphery.

The tone is in the brass

Brass has long been one of the most intrinsically musical alloys used in instruments, for good reason. This Brass shell of this snare is extremely responsive and sensitive. On the sound spectrum, Brass sits in the middle of wood and metal. The metal’s characteristics produce a darker, warm and dry tone at all volumes.


Air Vents

For those of you familiar with Periphery, you may recognize the relationship with the air vents. Aesthetically, the 3 air vents are modeled after the logo of the band, the 3 small circles. There is a more practical reason though for 3 small holes versus one big one. These 3 vents allow the air to exit more evenly and add a nice breath to the snare sound when you strike it.



The 6″ snare depth is perfect for tuning to low pitches as well as tuning to those high ones. So you can get that fat snare sound or the sharp piercing rim shots. It is fitted with the durable Sonic Saver hoops, to reduce stick wear and enhance the overall resonance. For a crisp and lively action, the Wraith features a stainless steel snare wire and premium drum heads.


In the words of Halpern’s this drum is all about how you play it and how you make it fit into the music.


Newton Wetter

Newton Wetter

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