Mapex Armoury Series Snare Drums Explored

Armory Series

Mapex Armory Series Snare Drums Explored

There are many snare drums out there. Finding the right one for you can be a challenge.  Luckily, the Armory Series comes to the rescue.  This is a collection of five different snare drums each with its own unique sound and style.

The series comprises of the Exterminator, Dillinger, Peacemaker, Daisycutter and Tomahawk snare drums.

No matter what type of sound you’re looking for, this Series has a snare for it. This makes the choice in snare drum easier!

Check out the different Armory Series Snares and their sound.

For more information on this range of snare be sure to visit the Mapex Website.



Newton Wetter

Newton Wetter

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