The Laney AH4X4 – A PA System For The Free Spirited

The Laney AH4X4 is one of the most mobile and versatile battery powered PA systems out there. It gets the job done no matter what you throw at it. The Ah4X4 can be used for everything; Gigs, practice, busking, conferences, at home, work, indoor events, outdoor events, the applications are endless.0003_4-4-left-clear

Compact And Lightweight

Ridiculously compact and lightweight at a mere 6.5kg, it still packs the power to handle audiences of 80 people. The Intelligent Power Management means it can be switched between the Regular and ECO power mode. With its 24 hours of continuous battery life, say goodbye to being plugged into the wall. Finally, a PA that’s only limited is where you can take it.

Keep Connected With the Laney Ah4X4

Keep embracing the freedom, the Laney AH4X4 Is Bluetooth enabled, connect it to any Bluetooth device and play music or that great backing track you’ve been using. We all know how wires are such a drag, so no more worrying about forgetting that aux cable for the Braai day. There are 6 input options including the innovative double usage XLR/Jack input for vocal or instruments, meaning one port does two jobs.

xl_117250-tmp3e4eTweak Your Sound

Onboard digital FX for reverb and delay and the 4 preset EQ Channel can be found on the back panel. Tweak your live performances- making you sound at the top of your game. There is a super nifty anti-feedback feature because who doesn’t hate feedback. With the high-tech Class D, 4X4” Speakers plus HF Tweeter you know you’re going to get a crisp clean sound.


This is truly a PA system for the free spirited and those who like the idea of having no boundaries. In fact, you will probably find yourself taking it everywhere you go just because you can. The Laney AH4X4 experience isn’t shaped by what it can do, this is a PA that is shaped by what you can do.



Newton Wetter

Newton Wetter

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